Sunday, October 3, 2010

12 Movies/Books that Every Kid Should Watch/Read No Matter How Many Nightmares They May Cause

It’s no secret that the movie rating system has changed much over the course of time. Back when Psycho was made, the Hitchcock classic was rated R, even though not a single curse word is uttered and the infamous shower scene is pretty tame compared to murder scenes in today’s TV shows. If Psycho were made today, it would probably be rated PG. Kids’ movies, on the other hand, have become so censored that I’m amazed their plots have any conflict in them at all. Back when I was a kid, we were all drawn to the most violent and horrific movies we could get away with watching. More often than not, those violent and horrific movies were actually made for children; which leads me to my point that kids today are total wusses! Here are some movies (and a book) that kids should watch (and read) if their overprotective parents would let them. (Warning: There are spoilers mentioned for these movies/books.)